Project Spotlight – Brownsburg, IN East Plant Improvements

The Town of Brownsburg recently completed the second phase of its East Plant (Pre-Treatment and Pumping Facility) Improvements project. Commonwealth’s Senior Project Manager, Darren Wells, provided design, permitting, bidding, and construction administration services for both phases. The 10.0 MGD East Plant handles most of the Town’s sanitary and combined sewer flows and incorporates screening, grit removal, and influent pumping, as well as swirl concentrators and combined sewer overflow storage. Preliminary treated flow is pumped to the Town’s main wastewater treatment plant located west across White Lick Creek. Much of the East Plant in-service facilities date back to the 1980s and have either reached or exceeded their useful life, resulting in increased maintenance, poor removal efficiency, and grit/debris carryover to downstream processes.

The Phase 1 project involved removing and replacing the existing vintage detritus grit removal facilities with a new vortex grit removal tank, pumping, and classification. Modern grit technology has increased the grit collection volume from approximately 0.1 cubic yards to 1.5 cubic yards per week. As a combined sewer system, during weeks that include rain events, the volume of grit removed increases to 2.0 cubic yards or more. 

More recently, the Phase 2 project included removing and replacing their old in-channel auger screen and targeted replacement of all influent pumping suction and discharge isolation valving. The new 10 MGD-rated mechanically cleaned multi-rake bar screen provides 100% backup to the remaining in-channel screen.  With the new screen, debris collection volume is back up to the original removal rates. These new pre-treatment facilities now provide the Town with a more efficient, robust, and reliable pre-treatment system that should last many years. 

To learn more about the success of the Town of Brownsburg’s East Plant project, reach out to Darren Wells, PE, BCEE, ENV SP