Where to Start with the Revisions to the Lead and Copper Rule (LCR) – Part 3

Corrosion Control Treatment

The Service Line Inventory and Sampling Plan must be updated prior to the compliance date of September 16, 2024. Once the new Sampling Plan is in place, the updated “Action” and “Trigger” levels for Lead and Copper will be imposed. If samples exceed these limits, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) may require the implementation of the Replacement Plan and/or a Corrosion Control Study (CCS). If exceedances occur after Corrosion Control Treatment is implemented, this CCS may be required to be re-done.

The Corrosion Control Study can include pH adjustments and chemical inhibitors, but no longer allows for calcium hardness corrosion control. Corrosion control methods will be evaluated during IDEM’s sanitary survey inspections along with water quality parameter data.

The updated Revised LCR includes many changes that will come to the surface as IDEM clarifies how our State is required to follow these new guidelines; however, all three items (Service Line Inventory, Sampling Plan, and CCS) will be required and should be discussed up-front with public officials and your utility’s customers to avoid surprises at the end of the compliance period.

Contact Brady Dryer, Compliance Manager, 317.888.1177, for assistance in implementing these new Lead and Copper measures.