White County Commissioners & Wolcott Town Council Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements Groundbreaking

On Wednesday, May 26th, the White County Commissioners and Wolcott Town Council celebrated the Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements groundbreaking. The groundbreaking marked the start of construction of the upgrades to be made to the Town’s wastewater treatment plant.
White County hired Commonwealth Engineers to complete a Preliminary Engineering Report to identify what expansions need to occur at the Town of Wolcott’s Wastewater Treatment Plant to support growth in Wolcott and expand service to the White County’s Mid-America Commerce Park. This project will construct a new WWTP on the Town’s existing site. It will be a fully functional wastewater treatment facility to service the county’s Mid-America Commerce Park and the Town of Wolcott.
Robert Bellucci, P.E. from Commonwealth stated, “This project is the culmination of a lot of hard work by multiple entities and is a testament to what can be achieved when agencies on both the State and Federal levels come together for a common goal.”
In collaboration with the Town of Wolcott, the county secured funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce – Economic Development, U.S.D.A Rural Development and the Indiana Bond Bank.