Town of Wolcott WWTP Ribbon Cutting


  • Town of Wolcott, IN: Michael Johnson, Town Council
  • Indiana State Senate: Senator Ed Charbonneau, District 5
  • White Co. Economic Development: Randy Mitchell, President
  • USDA RD: E. Ric Frataccia, State Community Development Specialist
  • Economic Development Administration (EDA): James Winters, Representative
  • Kankakee-Iroquois Regional Planning Commission (KIRPC): Edwin Buswell, Executive Director
  • Commonwealth Engineers, Inc.: Rob Bellucci, PE, Project Manager


  • Capacity increase to existing Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • USDA and EDA funded with both Grants and Loan
  • Negotiated cost share between County and Town to support neighboring Industrial Park

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The Wolcott WWTP and Collection System were approaching 50 years in service and normal wear and tear resulted in chronic maintenance activities. This project was a collaboration between the White County Commissioners and the Town of Wolcott to construct a new wastewater treatment plant to support the needs of the Town and growth at the County’s Industrial Park. The project result tripled the original facility’s treatment capacity, with an additional revenue stream from the commercial park and new equipment to replace the old, existing equipment. The grant, loan, and shared cost financing package resulted in a less than $2 rate increase for the typical Town wastewater utility customer. Robert Bellucci, P.E. from Commonwealth stated, “This project is the culmination of a lot of hard work by multiple entities and is a testament to what can be achieved when agencies on both the State and Federal levels come together for a common goal.”