Wastewater Treatment Plant & Collection System – Newport, Indiana
Project Background The Town of Newport, Indiana, was the last County Seat in the State of Indiana that remained unsewered. Documented issues with Escherichia coli (E. coli) in open waterways… Read More
Wastewater Improvements Project – Kennard, Indiana
This wastewater project included both improvements to the existing sanitary collection system and the wastewater treatment plant. Collection system improvements consist of approximately 18,500 lineal feet of sanitary sewer rehabilitation… Read More
East Side Interceptor Replacement – Phase I & II – Richmond, Indiana
East Side Interceptor Replacement – Phase I & II City of Richmond, Indiana Phase I, II, and III of this project primarily involve (a) replacing approximately 14,000 lineal feet of… Read More
Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion – Newburgh, Indiana
Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion Town of Newburgh, Indiana In 1991, the town completed a plant expansion, which doubled the capacity of the facility built in the early 1970s. This expansion… Read More
Wastewater Treatment Plant Levee Project – Huntingburg, Indiana
Wastewater Treatment Plant Levee Project City of Huntingburg, Indiana The Problem The inundation of its wastewater treatment plant in 1996 jeopardized Huntingburg’s ability to keep floodwaters out of its main… Read More
Deep Rock Tunnel Connector Project – Indianapolis, Indiana
Commonwealth Engineers Inc. was hired as part of a design team to perform the planning and design for the Indianapolis Belmont/Southport Interplant Connection. This project was planned to be the… Read More